(But then again who was???)

Petition to bring Tahno back.

The fandom right now:

My reaction to everything because there is no TLOK updates or whatsoever.

That awkward moment when you find out that your sanity lies on a handful of people and they spend their time watching dogs steal cabbages.

I dont know about you guys but Im so ready for book 2.

I just miss the show so much. I miss the waking up early in the morning even though Saturday is one of the 2 days where I get to sleep in. I miss the shivers and the palm sweating when the intro comes on. I miss the liveblogging and the excessive use of gifs. I miss the after-show blogging where I forget how to use my keyboard properly and the holy shit what just happened next week please come soon feeling I get. I miss the flood of feels I get before, during and after the show. I miss the theories and the headcannons, no matter how crazy they are. I miss my ship doing shippy things that make my heart squee & fangirl. I dont know guys, I just miss it. I just cant wait for it to come back because Im gonna bitch slap someone if I dont get my weekly dose of Korra soon. 

So just a question, why do people hate Mako?

Or if you dislike/hate Mako why?

My mako appreciation day contribution

I dont even know anymore

Put a ship in my ask and Ill tell you what I think about them

Hahhaha pls guys Im so bored


I dreamt that 4 years after Korra ended, Bryke continued making Avatar again but with an earthbender avatar this time set 15 years after Korra’s death and throughout this earthbender’s story, we find out that Korra died whilst giving childbirth at a really young age like 26 or something (so ithat 9 years after all this Amon shit happened) and everyone started hating on her and calling her a useless avatar because apparently she hasnt done shit to make the world better and that she only cares about romance and then they start comparing her to Aang and asadkdfhgsiadahjfskhdfa. What the actual fuck.