So just a question, why do people hate Mako?

Or if you dislike/hate Mako why?

For Mako fans, Mako hate on Mako appreciation day just honestly hurts.

You dont even understand. I take this shit seriously. Stop punching my heart without even knowing it.

My mako appreciation day contribution

I dont even know anymore

So um, I was just googled ‘Live action Korra cast’

And I found this:

…..I dont usually bash people for things like these but…WHY? Its just so…wrong. Can you just imagine it though?

Anyway, if it was up to you, who would you cast for a live action Korra movie?

If I lived in republic city and Mako is a cop, I’d do unnecessary crimes just so I could see him.

I wonder if they knew Mako burned all those tickets when they hired him.

~Irrelevant post is irrelevant~

Season 2 starts in a Southern water tribe festival.


This Mako hate

is ridiculous. Yeah okay he made mistakes, Im not saying he’s a perfect human being but honestly, the amount of hate he is getting is stupid. People are making it seem like he killed a million people or something. The other stupid thing is, AMON didnt even get as much hate as this when he took Lin’s bending! People were like ‘OMG LIN ITS OKAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU. AMON FUCK YOU. MAKO HOLY FUCK ROT IN HELL YOU STUPID JERKBENDER I HATE YOU SON OF A BITCH GOLDDIGGER FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!’. Tarrlok didnt even get this much hate either when he kidnapped Korra. I feel like half of the Mako haters are just people who dont ship Makorra and are angry that their ship didnt happen in the finale. Thats acceptable but whats done is done. Mako doesnt deserve all this hate. So stoppppp PLEASEEEEEEE. Its tiring to see your dash filled with hate on a character you love and honestly its really bringing us down as a fandom because all this hate over a character is making us hate each other. 


Kay. I know Mako’s kinda being a jerkbender right now with how he treats Asami but you know what? Im pretty sure Bryke did that for a reason. They obviously need that drama to keep us interested. No, Im pretty sure they didnt want to cause any shipwars but since apparently WE’RE ALL SO

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