Heeeey guys. Im Vernette and I unfortunately never find my name on those tourist keychains in the gift shop. I was born on October 12 1990-something. Im young guys. Thats all I can say :D. Im Filipino born and raised but I do move a lot so now I live in Calgary, Alberta (thats in Canada folks) and I barely speak my native tongue now but I still understand so thats pretty good! Hhah anyways, Id love to get to know my followers more and just anyone in the fandom really, so hit me up with an ask and we can be friends because God knows I need more of those :). 

P.S. I do mostly follow back but since I have a personal blog: http://whocouldeverlearntoloveabeast.tumblr.com/ when I follow you it wont show thelegendofmysanitybeforekorra is now following you but it would show whocouldeverlearntoloveabeast but its still me! Hahah yeah just gonna clear that up since I get lots of questions about that.

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